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Project Background

Technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and AI are rapidly maturing, and various applications are rapidly expanding, but the corresponding infrastructure investment is far from meeting the explosive needs of various applications. With the arrival of blockchain and the 5G era, the underlying computing resources have become more scarce. The enhancement of personal privacy awareness has made large-capacity, high-reliability and high-private storage a necessity.

Typical demand

· Supercomputing

· Blockchain super node

· Video data mass storage + content recognition

· Long-term secure storage of image data + retrieval

· Cloud computer cloud mobile phone infrastructure for the 5G era

Project Description

Solve industry pain points and create new industry standards

  • Distributed storage

    The core technologies of distributed storage systems mainly include metadata management technology, system elastic extension technology and storage optimization technology. High capacity, high performance, high reliability, high scalability, high integration, easy management, and high privacy.

  • Computing power

    In the field of super-calculation and scientific computing, more use of floating-point arithmetic speed as a measure of power. The Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory announced the creation of the world's fastest supercomputer with a peak floating point speed of 2 billion times per second.

  • AI Chip

    As a special chip, ASIC is different from traditional general-purpose chips. Compared with general-purpose chips, ASICs are characterized by small size, low power consumption, high computing performance, and high computational efficiency. The larger the chip shipments and the lower the cost.

Project system architecture

Solve industry pain points and create new industry standards

  • Ecosystem architecture

    There are two main sources of AISC. One is the storage, AI chip and computing power owned by the AISC project operator. The other is that other mining users use their idle storage, AI chip and computing power. There are two main aspects of AISC application. One is enterprise users, mainly refers to video users, game platforms, entertainment platforms, life service platforms and other enterprise users and their service application parties. Second, non-enterprise users, mainly for uploading photos, Users such as families, groups, and individuals who have resources such as video. Other enterprise organizations are the source of storage, AI chips and computing power, as well as storage, AI chips and computing applications.

  • Construction of the general economic system

    Pass is the driving force behind blockchain development and value amplification. In the AISC ecosystem, it has three functions: equity bearing, intelligent contract programming, and ecological incentives. The initial total amount of the AISC blockchain project is set at 1 billion. After the late pass enters full circulation and the total circulation value of the certificate exceeds the initial value by 3 times, the certificate will be issued and managed by the foundation. Under the premise that the certificate is liquid, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the certificate value. In the outer loop of the AISC blockchain project, in the form of smart contracts, the parties are constrained to synchronize the same proportions to the market in stages.

Project Team

Collecting outstanding talents in the line

  • Kong Ling / Dean of Business School

    Hua Ying Capital Director;Dean of Zhongju Blockchain Business School;Dean of Promise Cloud Business School;2018 Yunxi Conference Blockchain professional lecturer;

  • Li Xin CEO

    Co-founder of Star Network Blockchain; In 2014, he entered the blockchain industry, invested over a dozen industrial projects such as over-subsidiary, small ants, HC, etc., and built commercial framework models and white papers for SSP, HLC and other projects...

  • Erik Shuttlesworth/ CTO

    Enabling teams to develop blockchain based distributed applications for clientsaround the world.
     Helped to transition the product from a Twitter archiving tool to a distributedcontent sharing platform.

  • Melanie Mohn/ Architect

    Maple Media Technology Inc. is an Electronic Dance Music live streaming platformto empower DJs, where they have Maple,the freedom to broadcast live streams fromanywhere to connect with their fans and monetize through an untapped revenuesource that grows their following and builds anticipation for their upcoming in-person shows. Maple's .Platform will harness blockchain technology to providehigh-quality live streams to music fans around the world.

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