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Project Description

Leading provider of infrastructure in the blockchain sector

Invest 1% of resources to absorb 10% of resources, attract 50% of the industry to solve industry pain points, create new industry standards to purify the ecology, improve standards, expand the industry's new space to share growth profits, and stabilize new industry leaders!

Through blockchain technology and philosophy, we provide suitable pervasive computing resources for each individual scene, so that efficient computing resources are not limited to top research laboratories and large organizations, but also to directly transform these resources into practical breakthrough innovations. The driving force to promote the popularization and promotion of various applications.

The project aims to solve the problem of insufficient resources faced by ubiquitous computing and blockchain systems from the aspects of underlying computing resources, ecological construction and evidence-based incentives. Through the certification and circulation of the certificate, while building a sufficiently powerful storage pool and computing pool, attract more community users with free storage resources and idle computing resources to join the ecosystem. Through the full application of cryptography technology, it provides storage and computing capabilities with high reliability, high scalability, and fine-grained privacy protection. At the same time, for specific applications, through DSP, FPGA and ASIC design, the chip design and implementation of specific AI algorithms can be realized to meet the computing power requirements of future applications from multiple links.

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