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  • Peng Jincheng / COO

    Chairman of Shenzhen Research Microcomputer Co., Ltd.;Chairman of Orange Blockchain Co., Ltd.;Chairman of Star Network Blockchain Co., Ltd.

  • Kong Ling / Dean of Business School

    Hua Ying Capital Director;Dean of Zhongju Blockchain Business School;Dean of Promise Cloud Business School;2018 Yunxi Conference Blockchain professional lecturer;

  • Li Xin / Business Technology Consultant

    Co-founder of Star Network Blockchain; In 2014, he entered the blockchain industry, invested over a dozen industrial projects such as over-subsidiary, small ants, HC, etc., and built commercial framework models and white papers for SSP, HLC and other projects. The senior professional investor in the blockchain industry is the co-founder of Research Microcomputer Co., Ltd. and co-founder of Star Network Blockchain Co., Ltd.

  • Lydia / COO

    Partner of Star Network Blockchain; has served as a market leader for many well-known companies, entered the blockchain industry in 2016, successively invested, COOS, Galileo, etc. In 2017, he initiated the establishment of blockchain home in Shenzhen, a professional in the blockchain industry. Investors.

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